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And the Fifth Rule: Is it Fun?

By Marty Peak Helman

The Rotary building was rocking and rolling last Thursday.  The weather was perfect for an early autumn sort of evening, and President Tory Paxson was back from her mini-quick one-week sabbatical.  Once again, my table was dubbed the Rowdy Table; why does that nomenclature always seem to follow me around?

Thoughts were shared for Daren Graves, whose service is this week.  

By the time you read this, the orchard planning at the school will have taken place.  Thanks for making that happen, Ingrid! Speaking of trees, Alden Wood pointed out that we lost an apple tree, and with it, a fair amount of shade. 

In other member news, Judy deGraw is back to driving again (reader, beware!) It was also great to see Linda Foster and Nancy Adams.

Tory also promoted the Bangor Savings Bank’s current initiative to donate peanut butter to the Food Pantry.  Throughout September (meaning: until the end of next week) all jars of PBJ brought to the Bangor Savings’ branch will be matched with another jar.  As a hint:  Our closest branch is at the Small Mall, conveniently located across from Hannaford.  So pickup your PBJ and drop it off on the same road trip!

Laurie Zimmerli noted that the Barn is full.  We had a HUGE pickup about 10 days ago, and then Hurricane Lee put the kibosh on our sales last Saturday, so full is full.  As in:  Up to the rafters.  Laurie asked that everyone show up on Saturday – either to help sell, or to buy, or even better, both.  Karen Pritchard said she can’t afford to help sell anymore. I certainly understand THAT problem. Meanwhile, undeterred by weather and Barn alike, Mike Thompson sold a boat for $3000.  So what else have you done for the club lately, Mike?

And don’t forget People Power.  Charlotte (speaking for Rick) Jameson is too polite to say it, but sign up or be volun-told.

Oktoberfest This Thursday…Karen has fall-appropriate (and beer appropriate) plans for Thursday’s meeting – it will be our second (or is it third?) annual Oktoberfest with, as she put it, prizes and surprises for all. There was much discussion about food and drink and appropriate wear; Karen suggests that everyone so inclined wear German – last year saw an amazing collection of aprons and hats, and this year looks to be even more sartorially Alpine.  

Our speaker was Doug Brendell, a member of the Ipswich (MA) Rotary Club, here not as a Rotarian but representing the organization, dubbed New Thing, that he and his wife have personally set up to import money and humanitarian supplies to Belarus. Doug is clearly passionate about his work, and his stories of children in need in Belarus are powerful. That said, there were questions and discussions regarding corruption in Belarus.

Anyway, I came away glad that people like Doug are so motivated to help others less fortunate, and also seriously glad that our Rotary rules require all the projects we engage in to be both sustainable and measurable.

Then, as we were leaving, I noted that Judi White had corralled all the leftover American chop suey and was packaging it for the Community Fridge. Thank you, Judi! A perfect ending to the evening and a reminder that all of our work begins at home.

Interested in what we do and the fun we have?  Ask any Rotarian or join us at the Rotary building on Thursday nights.  Conviviality is underway by 6:00 pm; our (in)formal meetings start at 6:30 pm, and we always leave filled with love and laughter. It all happens at 66 Montgomery Road.  And join us on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 11:00 am when the Big Grey Rotary Barn turns into a sales venue where cast-off furniture and goods are resold for the benefit of the entire community. You just may find a treasure, and you will leave knowing that you got a deal and the community will get the benefit of your donation!