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Thank You Marty Helman

Reported by Vicki Haugen

Meeting highlights: 

There was a welcome by President Bruce Harris to Charlotte Jameson who will become a member at our next meeting. 

In our 50/50 draw, Jeff Long was asked to pick the tickets and picked his own winning numbers twice! For real, no cheating. But Jeff donated the winnings back to the Sergeant at Arms in the heart of good giving. 


Our own Marty Helman spoke on her role as Rotary Foundation Trustee as well her work for the Peace Center.

In her work as Rotary Foundation Trustee, Marty is passionate about the ability of any one of us to join Rotary at any given time and be able to take advantage of volunteering and being selected to serve in many rewarding capacities right on to her current role. 

She outlined the structure of Rotary including clubs contained in districts such as our club is part of Southern Maine and New Hampshire, and then districts contained in zones of which there are 34 zones in the world. Zones elect members to the Board of Directors and like most NGO’s there are 2 boards one for planning and other work and one of trustees that oversee the 501C status.  Rezoning happens regularly based on numbers of members in each area. For example, the number of zones in Africa is growing while the number of zones in America is decreasing. Marty’s ability to outline the structural foundation of Rotary is so complete and so complex which explains part of the reason she was selected to serve in these positions. She visits many areas in the US and world and can run into Rotary friends from Maine in a variety of unexpected circumstances. Her passion for serving, for travel, for learning are outstanding and appreciated. 

Marty also outlined the Peace Center Committee work she loves doing in her role.  With programs both in university settings for master’s degree and for Graduate Certificate Programs the work focuses on improving conditions for peace around the world. Students completing these programs or students even while in the Cert programs engage actively in projects to improve conditions.   The university programs focus on 4 needs. One, to offer a safe and secure place to study. Two, to be in an area with sufficient Rotarian support. Three, to provide proven experience in social science and peace work. And fourth, to be a country with an open VISA policy such that all students can be considered and accepted. In a meeting she attended in 2020, a Nigerian student offered his excitement to learn and  be trained to come up with African solutions for the current problems!

Rotary in Marty’s beliefs embodies real activities in which we do ground level work to make an improvement for people worldwide.. Rotarians donate time and energy to philanthropies that matter to us all. It is a privilege to give of ourselves with others and then receive back so much in return. 


This week we welcome Jack Coen, a Past President of the Gardiner Rotary Club.  Jack will share his expertise on one of our most loved and unloved topics, Social Security.  He has given this talk to several Rotary Clubs, comes highly recommended  and promised it will not be boring.  It is simply an informative program towards helping you Maximize your benefits, says Jack.  So, join us Thursday.  Knowing more about the Social Security mystery sounds like a good idea.


The Program Committee is meeting Saturday January 21 at 9:00 at the Clubhouse, coffee will be served.  Come join us.  We have parties to plan (like Valentine’s Day), events and speakers to book.  We’re a fun and productive group full of “good” ideas.  We want yours too.