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Rotary Fdn Supporters - Honorary PH Fellows
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Honorary Paul Harris Fellows


The following Rotarians and community friends have been honored with a Paul Harris Fellow. To name a Paul Harris Fellow, a club or individual Rotarian must give $1000 in direct dollars or credits to The Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of Rotary International. Congratulations to the following Boothbay Harbor Rotarians and friends for embodying the Rotary spirit of "Service Above Self."



Paul Abbott *                           January 1979

Ralph A. Scott *                       January 1979

Marsden W. Richardson *         May 1984

Blenn Perkins *                        June 1984

John B. Hayes *                       March 1986


Erwin Dodge *                          September 1986

Ray Van B. Temple *                September 1986

Jonathan Brown *                     September 1988

Ronald W. Calhoun *                September 1988

Robert H. Carbone *                  September 1988


Horace H. Lee *                        September 1988

Curtis West                              June 1991

Howard Friant *                         September 1992

George I. Hodgdon *                  September 1992

David J. Colburn *                      September 1994


David A. Gaecklein                    June 1997

Donald R. Wotton *                    June 1997

James B. Sommerville               June 1997

Oscar F. Jacobson *                  February 1997

Diane Campbell (Saunders)        January 1999


Robert Campbell *                     January 1999

Jane Conley *                            April 1999

Donald Hale                              March 2000

Frances Hale                            March 2000

Elizabeth Gray Breyer               April 2000


Robert C. Morse                       April 2000

Chester Wilson Thompson         April 2000

Alice Poore Vannah                  April 2000

Denise Griffin                           January 2001

Robert L. Foster                       March 2001


Donna Ames                            May 2001

Judith Reed                              May 2001

Frederick J. Pratt *                    May 2001

Lois Street                               September 2001

Al Cohen                                  November 2001


Elaine Edwards                         May 2002

Neal Verge                               June 2002

Bob Boyd                                 September 2003

Kitty Boyd                                September 2003

Shannon Moss                          September 2003


John Heyl *                               April 2004

Robert E. Jacobson                   May 2004

Roger DiGiulian                         July 2005

Anne Hedgcock                         July 2006

Penelope Pollard                       July 2006


Ed Mahoney                              February 2007

Rachel Meyn                             February 2007

Sandra Peaslee                         August 2007

Jo-Ellen Gallant                         August 2007

John Gallant                              August 2007


Marty Peak Helman                   September 2007

Dawne B. Young                        June 2008

Seth Hedgcock                          August 2008

Ken Honey                                November 2008

I.J. Pinkham                              May 2009


Johanna Villagren de Berninger   August 2009

Stephanie Blecharczyk              June 2013

Tom Churchill                            June 2013

Jen Page Osman                       June 2014




* deceased