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Club Members
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Listed below are the members of Boothbay Harbor Rotary:


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Kathleen Arabasz

Bill Bailey

Brenda Blackman

Jim Botti

Kevin Burnham

Monica Churchill

Tom Churchill

Linda Clapp

Tony Curulla

Fleet Davies

Judy Degraw

Ann Demeranville

Steve Demeranville

Bob Dephilippis

Bill Dodge

Sue Duckworth

Rick Elder

Linda Foster

Irene Fowle

Laura Francis

Bob Goodrich

Daren Graves

Debbie Graves

Chip Griffin

Doug Harley

Seth Hedgcock

Frank Helman

Marty Peak Helman

Jean Huber

Bob Jacobson, PDG

Skip Kreahling, PHD

Sue Kreahling

Sandy Leonard

Shawn Lewin

Jeffrey Long

Adam Maguire

Brian McGrath

Ingrid Merrill

Ham Meserve

Rick Mitterling

Alice Mutch

Tory Paxson

Bill Pearson

Bob Pike

I J Pinkham

Mike Pollard, JD

Bill Prince

Robin Reed

Doug Roberts

Patricia Royall

Steve Salorio

Patty Seybold

John Skoglund

Margi Spratt

Jim Stormont

Foster Stroup

Dwight Swisher

Vic Taylor

Mike Thompson

Bruce Tindal

Jonathan Tindal

Jeff Townsend

Craig Tukey

Joy Ward

John Welsh

Griffith Winthrop

Alden Wood

Henry Wyatt

Laurie Zimmerli

viewing 1 to 69 of 69                                           >> Next 20 >>
Display All Members   
List names that begin with:    A to G       H to O       P to Z